Autogrill Franchising

Autogrill, the first operator in the world for catering services for travelers. Where to eat well traveling? Autogrill is the first operator in the world for catering services for travelers. Operates since 1977 all over the world and now has more than 1,200 stores, famous for the quality and efficiency of service. Entire network employs more than 11. 000 employees serving 300 million people every year. The service is delivered within Autogrill highways, airports, railway stations, shopping centers. The company works in franchising since 1994 with various brands, such as Acafé, Hello and Spizzico. Piecemeal is one with which Autogrill has won in a few years the leadership of the national market. The basic elements of the franchise are the genuine products, the speed of service and the familiarity of the environment. The formula given by the franchisor has rapidly from city centers to the main motorway service areas, airports, train stations, shopping centers and to the fairgrounds. Currently in Italy there are over 160 franchised outlets and is also present in Greece, Switzerland, and by the end of 2002 in France and the United States. All the rooms are equipped with an offer very varied and appetizing: pizza, fries, salads, turnovers, cakes and fresh fruit salads, juices and ice cream. To accept the offer of franchising is required an investment of € 210,000. For each store, the franchisor provides an average annual turnover which can range from € 900,000 to € 1,200,000. The contract, which also provides for a right of entry, has a duration of 20 years.

Franchise Artisans Group

To combat the housing crisis was born in franchise Artisans Group. Join to cut costs and improve quality Innovation is the right antidote to the crisis, as demonstrated by a group of artisans of Treviso. Artisans Group is a network of companies that offers a complete service for the home.

The franchise project is the brainchild of Antonio Lacquaniti, which in early 2012, with the support of the CNA started the adventure with only two affiliated companies, to give a concrete response to the crisis in the building. Now the group is made up of 29 franchised and affiliated companies is growing throughout the Nordest.Chi needs a home service call toll explaining your needs and receive a quote and then the intervention of a skilled craftsman of Group.

Franchise-Craftsmen-In-GruppoTutte companies have been selected for quality and reliability, and support each other thus ensuring that the work is finished on time and at the agreed prices, costs are kept under control and you can often take advantage of some promotion. The objective of the franchise network Artisans Group is to give quality to the work of affiliates in order to offer quality results to clients. The franchisor takes care of business and trade promotion with a consequent reduction of costs of individual firms.

The Anglo-Saxon charm of the franchise The Bistro

The premises where it merges with the British style genuine Italian. The Bistro is the perfect place for those who love sweet and savory and want to enjoy it for a moment of tranquility. The restaurant offers guests relaxing and warm atmosphere to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch to work.

The British style and metropolitan blends with the warmth and genuineness in all Italian local franchise, able to offer its customers a place of passage where a unique experience. All products are prepared with the greatest care, using fresh ingredients.

Among the savory there is a wide selection of handmade sandwiches, delicious baguettes, pizzas and fresh salads, and desserts you can choose from among the fragrant brioches, muffins and soft mouth-watering donuts.

The Erbolario: franchising cosmetics for a natural beauty

The chain of health food stores of fragrant essences. The Erbolario was born in 1978 in Lodi as Award-winning Artisan Herbalist, passion for nature and the traditions of Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela Villa, who started the business by drawing on old family recipes.

Since then, all the products marketed by the company are derived strictly from natural ingredients. Since 2004, the brand operates in Italy through a network of franchised health food stores. Currently the company presents itself as a modern facility for equipment and technology, but of respect for the ancient tradition. The project focuses on the great expansion franchise and brand awareness on a wide range of services offered.

In franchise outlets Erbolario customers can find over 450 references, including cosmetics and perfumes for environment sold in packs from the graphics clean and appealing. Today in Italy there are almost 5,000 franchise outlets, including among herbalists, pharmacies and flagship stores, which increasingly dominate the delicate fragrance of natural origin.

The Mother House offers affiliates a wide range of services including marketing and merchandising, which include sending planes windows and planograms for the preparation of each point of sale, as well as ongoing support.