The Erbolario: franchising cosmetics for a natural beauty

The chain of health food stores of fragrant essences. The Erbolario was born in 1978 in Lodi as Award-winning Artisan Herbalist, passion for nature and the traditions of Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela Villa, who started the business by drawing on old family recipes.

Since then, all the products marketed by the company are derived strictly from natural ingredients. Since 2004, the brand operates in Italy through a network of franchised health food stores. Currently the company presents itself as a modern facility for equipment and technology, but of respect for the ancient tradition. The project focuses on the great expansion franchise and brand awareness on a wide range of services offered.

In franchise outlets Erbolario customers can find over 450 references, including cosmetics and perfumes for environment sold in packs from the graphics clean and appealing. Today in Italy there are almost 5,000 franchise outlets, including among herbalists, pharmacies and flagship stores, which increasingly dominate the delicate fragrance of natural origin.

The Mother House offers affiliates a wide range of services including marketing and merchandising, which include sending planes windows and planograms for the preparation of each point of sale, as well as ongoing support.